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$15.00 USD, $19.00 USD

2020 Anthology--PLAY Poetry Guidelines
Sponsored by Outrider Press w/TallGrass Writers Guild--$1,000 in Cash Prizes.

Deadline: 10-31-20

Email  tallgrassguildATsbcglobalDOTnet

Prizes: $500 Cash Prize each-Poetry and Prose divisions; previously published material + simultaneous submissions OK (notify us).

Poetry formatting: 32 lines (including spaces) limit per poem; no long lines, please--no lines over 3 3/4" using size 12 Times Roman, and no long titles exceeding 3 3/4" using size 18 Times Roman. No head notes or foot notes. Reading fee for each group or partial group of 1-4 poems: $19 reduced to $15-TWG member. A separate file for each poem by title.

Provide author contact information including your email address and phone number (we cannot accept academic email addresses or phone numbers ) on each separate poem. Specify the word processing program used: Windows Rich-Text-Format (RTF) or Microsoft Word—RTF preferred .

Planned publication date: First or Second Quarter, 2021. Working title: "PLAY";  can include: gambling; sports and board , dice and card games, and ‘play’ used in the sense of theatrical productions. Sports include all types of kids’ games, pro and amateur athletes and their agents and teams; the business of professional sports; school sports; and more. The area of board, dice, and card games can range from a family game of Monopoly to world-class Chess; from Go Fish to professional-level Poker with high stakes. The theatrical sense of ‘play’ can include actors and acting; casting and direction; backstage drama; the high-risk business of creating and producing plays; and more.

We are especially interested in poetry.

All submissions are read and evaluated by in-house editorial staff. Submission does not guarantee acceptance; manuscripts making the final cut are forwarded to independent judges for possible award of $500 First Prizes each for poetry and prose. Also: 2nd and 3rd places. 

All entries are shredded, not returned.

All winners receive Featured Reader status at the Kickoff reading (depending on Printers Row Lit Fest scheduling) at Chicago Tribune’s Printers Row Lit Fest, the nation’s third largest book fair of its kind, with 100,000 in 2019 attendance; 2021 Lit Fest scheduling undetermined at this writing.

In addition, all winners and other selected contributors also receive invitations to our Publishing Party, free and open to all, and traditionally held at Chicago's venerable Sulzer Regional Library. Each published contributor receives a free copy of the anthology.

Judge: TBA

Non-refundable entry fees ($US) for each group of up to 4 poems and/or partial group of 1-4 poems are $19, reduced to $15 each group or partial group for TWG members. TallGrass is rare among arts organizations since it is independent and self-supporting. Current annual U.S. TWG membership fee is $50 (students: $35) and includes four 10-page newsletters each year. Newsletters contain current events in the creative arts community; member news; book reviews; and pages of Manuscripts Wanted that list publications seeking writers’ submissions.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with recent past anthologies; visit www.outriderpress.net and click on "Publications' for details on our SALE. This special offer is also available on this Submittable site. See 'Order Past Anthologies...' for specific information.



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