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Literary Anthology/Contest

Prizes: $500 Cash Prize for Poetry and $500 for Prose; previously published material and simultaneous submissions OK (please indicate on entry form).

Deadline: 4/30/17

Planned publication date: October, 2017. Working title:  "The Moon"; harvest moons, hunters' moons, moon rocket launchings, the dark side of the moon, mapping the moon, the moon's control of earthly tides, the supposed effects of the full moon including werewolves and moon madness, and more...we have always interpreted broadly. Especially interested in poetry.

Previously published material and simultaneous submissions (please indicate on entry form) OK. All poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction submissions are read and evaluated by in-house editorial staff; submission does not guarantee acceptance; acceptances that make the final cut are forwarded to independent judges for possible award of $1000 in cash prizes for First Place ($500 each for poetry and prose) . Also: 2nd and 3rd places.

All winners receive Featured Reader status at the Kick-Off Reading at Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest (CTPRLF), the nation’s third largest book fair of its kind (depending on CTPRLF scheduling). October Publishing Party at Chicago's venerable Sulzer Regional Library Auditorium. Each published contributor receives a free copy of the anthology.
Non-refundable entry fees ($US) are $18, reduced to $14 each for TWG members for each category. Details below. You many submit work in more than one category as you wish. 

Information on TallGrass Writers Guild membership is available in a separate TallGrass category as part of this Submittable listing. TallGrass is rare among arts organizations in that it is independent and largely self-supporting. Current annual U.S. TWG membership fee of $45 ($25 for students) has not been raised in over a decade, and includes four 10-page newsletters each year. Newsletters contain current arts events; member news; book reviews; and pages of Manuscripts Wanted that list publications seeking writers’ submissions.  

Entries are shredded/not returned.

Questions: please email: outriderpress@sbcglobal.com and we'll reply promptly.  

Judges: TBA

Poetry: Reading fee for each group and/or partial group of 1-4 poems (32- line maximum w/spaces): $18 / $14-TWG member. You will need to enter the title of each poem and provide a separate file for each poem when you submit. Include your name and email address on each page. No long titles or long lines, please; the book is standard trade paper, 8.5" x 5.5".

Prose Fiction and Non-Fiction: 2500 word limit per entry; sections from longer works OK.No long titles, please. the book is standard trade paper, 8.5" x 5.5". Reading fee for each entry: $18 /$14-TWG member. You will need to enter the title of each manuscript when you submit. Include author's name and email on the title page.


Publications (all prices include shipping & handling)

Past Years’ Anthologies 

- Prairie Hearts (1996) – The Heartland; $17.00

- Alternatives (1997 )Roads less traveled; night shifts; new ideas; $17.00

- Freedom’s Just Another Word (1998) – Concepts of Freedom; $17.00

- Feathers, Fins & Fur (1999) – Animals; $18.00

- Earth Beneath, Sky Beyond (2000) – Nature; $19.00

- A Kiss is Still a Kiss (2001) – Romantic Love; $19.00

-Take Two–They’re Small (2002) – Food; $20.00

- Family Gatherings (2003) – Holidays, weddings, wakes + more; $20.00

- Things That Go Bump in the Night (2004) – The supernatural; $20.00. Out of Stock

- Falling in Love Again (2005) – Second chances; $20.00

- Vacations: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly (2006) – “Are we there yet?” -  $20.00

- A Walk Through My Garden (2007) – From flowerpots to farms. -  $21.00

- Wild Things (2008) – Domestic and otherwise - $21.00

- Fearsome Fascinations (2009) – Vampires, thrill-seekers and more; $21.00

- Seasons of Change (2010) – Nature and ecology, socioeconomic shifts and life –changing events; $21.00

- A Bird in the Hand: Risk and Flight (2011) – Planes, casinos, runaways, and birds, birds, birds; $21.00

- Deep Waters: Rivers, Lakes & Seas (2012) – River rafting, Navy exercises, emotional ‘deep waters’; $21.00

- Music in the Air (2013) – Pop, Rock, Mozart, Nature’s music and more; $21.00

- The Mountain (2014) – Hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountains as metaphors for challenges and more; $21.00

- Embers and Flames (2015) –

Cozy hearths and camp fires; raging forest blazes; passions reignited; $21.00

- HOME (2016) – Cottages, nests, dream houses; $21.00

To order, email outriderpress@sbcglobal.net or call 219-322-7270 or toll-free 866-510-6735.

Please visit our web site for detailed information on TallGrass Writers Guild, Outrider Press, and the Black and White series of annual anthologies, now in its 22nd year.